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We currently use html2pdf from ( )

Even though this PDF toolkit works great it is slow (can take 30 seconds or more to create a PDF) on a busy system this has the potential to cause problems

If someone can investigate alternative solutions for PDF generation in PHP thats simple and works better than tufat



I extensively use fpdf for our company invoicing and for emailing customers their orders/delivery notes etc.~ that works well

FPDF looks pretty complex and will require use to rewrite our invoice stuff (as far as I'm aware) while html2ps and others just pdf a html page - which makes it nice and easy :-) - if you do have experience using fpdf try integrating into Simple Invoices - if its better than html2ps then we'll use it - Justin Kelly

Infact FPDF is used by Tufat for output. TCPDF is an extension of FPDF with Unicode capability and is supported by . - Ap.Muthu

Notes on DOMPDF from their website: PDF rendering is currently provided either by PDFLib or by a bundled version the R&OS CPDF class written by Wayne Munro. (Some performance related changes have been made to the R&OS class, however). In order to use PDFLib with dompdf, the PDFLib PECL extension is required. Using PDFLib improves performance and reduces the memory requirements of dompdf somewhat, while the R&OS CPDF class, though slightly slower, eliminates any dependencies on external PDF libraries. - Ap.Muthu


Roman Ožana, 2009/11/22 08:58

Check also - mPdf and

justin, 2009/11/27 00:55

thanks roman

the mpdf looks pretty good - though is slower than the current html2pdf - which we use



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