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Product matrix extension


This extension provides adds a grouping into products. The main aims is to group line items in the invoice via these groupings

Note: tax rates per line item was developed for this extension - so thanks to Bernardo for funding this.


This extension is designed for Simple Invoices 2009.1


  1. Edit ./extensions/invoice_grouped/include/init.php to list the groups you want
  2. Set Product.Custom_field1 to be grouping
  3. Copy the invoice template folder from within ./extras/invoice_group to ./templates/invoices/


You need to edit ./config/config.ini and enable the product matrix extension, refer how_to_enable_an_extension for how to do this


This extension was developed by Justin Kelly of SixHQ


This extension is released under the GNU GPL v3


Frank, 2015/03/18 13:42

Is it possible to hide unused product groups from the Invoice when a PDF is generated?

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