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Product matrix extension


This extension provides a product matrix for Simple Invoices. This means that in invoice creation you can select a product and then a list of attributes and values will be display that are relevant to that product for you to choose from.

ie. - Product = T-Shirt - Product Attributes = Size, Colour - Product Values = Size (Small, Medium, Large), Colour (Red, White, Blue)

In the Manage Product Values screen you can add new values and assign them to certain attributes, and in edit/add products you can assign attributes to a certain product.


This extension is currently work in progress



There are modifications required to the Simple Invoices database for this extension to work

They are detailed in ./extensions/product_matrix/install/matrix.sql

You can just import this .sql file into phpMyAdmin for the db changes to be applied


You need to edit ./config/config.php and enable the product matrix extension, refer how_to_enable_an_extension for how to do this

Simple Invoices settings

Product Attributes

Product attributes are the group of values that a product can have ie for the product 'T-shirt' it may have product attributes of size and colour

Product Values

Product values is the assigning of multiple values to a product attribute ie for the product 'T-shirt' with product attributes of size it may have product values of Small, Medium, and Large



This extension was developed by Justin Kelly of SixHQ


This extension is released under the GNU GPL v3


JoeyRamone, 2009/12/19 17:03

Hi, I'have installed the last version of simpleInvoices and then try to install product_matrix extension and import the matrix.sql, but I don't find the config.php in the /config directory but only config.ini that have a different syntax. I read the tutorial about installing extension but probably I dont' understand very well.

Gabriel Pérez S., 2010/01/13 09:58

Hello, I have been trying to do the same, and finally I did it.

Probably the documentation is not updated, what I did was activated this extension with the “extension screen”. The activation extensions values is in the database, the file “config.php” doesn't exists I think is the old method.

In other hand, this extensions have many errors or… I didn't make a correct installation.

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