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Simple Invoices subversion how-to:

Check Out

in commandline:

  • If you wish to check out subversion anonymously (which means you WONT be able to check the project in if you make any changes) but you will get the latest code

NOTE: you can only commit code into Simple Invoices if you have checked out the code using HTTPS and your gmail name


Local setup

Now you've got the latest code, to start using this

  1. setup a test Simple Invoices database on your local MySQL server
  2. if your going to commit code into the Simple Invoice repo then
    1. copy the ./config/config.ini file to ./config/dev.config.ini
    2. edit ./config/dev.config.ini and go to the [dev : production] and enter your db settings
  3. if your not committing code
    1. just edit ./config/define.php and set “$environment = 'production';”
    2. and edit ./config/config.ini and enter your db settings and whatever other settings you want
  4. now open Simple Invoices in your browser and you should be able to follow the installer to import the correct data into Simple Invoices
    1. if you have any issues with the install just import the file ./database/MySQL/Full_Simple_Invoices.sql into your database using phpMyAdmin
    2. or read the install documentation for more info


Once you've checked out svn trunk using https your now free to commit whatever changes you want to Simple Invoices

Feel free to discuss what you want to work on - either in our forum or google group


Each time a commit it made to our svn and email automatically gets sent to our google group (refer below)

To keep track of who is checking in what signup to either the google group or the rss feed below

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