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SimpleInvoices - Single Domain Version

As of end 2007, SimpleInvoices stable version is limited to:-

  • Single domain installation
  • MySQL v4.1.x / v5.x (atleast for a few features - uses group subqueries and joins for reporting)
  • PHP v5.x (for PHP4 you may not get all the reports and will have to replace the PHPMailer class file)
  • No escaping of user input - SQL Injection vulnerability - okay for local and trusted closed user groups.

Current version in this series was released on 31st December 2007. Possibly the last in this Single Domain series.

Those of you who have problems with the current release can download the SVN 1467 Patches that are uptodate as on 21st January 2008 - beware - your config.php will be overwritten - hence back it up before you overwrite. It is to be used with the Dec 31st 2007 Release only. A total of 31 files have changed. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Read the Changelog for the fix list.

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