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Product matrix extension


This extension makes it possible to use Simple Invoices on a small phone with internet browser - ie. HTC Touch - (ie. phones smaller tahn the iphone)

Main features

  1. Stripped down UI of Simple Invoices to only include features that are absolutely necessary and also to fit on a small mobile phone screen
  2. Manage pages rewritten to work on small screen


This extension is currently work in progress


  • This extension has been designed to work with the product_matrix extension
  • This extension is designed to be used with 2 installs (1 with this extension enabled and 1 without)
    • this is so that all the setup and more specific config stuff can be done using the normal UI on a PC and the text_ui version just for the mobile version


You need to edit ./config/config.php and enable the text_ui extension, refer how_to_enable_an_extension for how to do this

Simple Invoices settings



This extension was developed by Justin Kelly of SixHQ


This extension is released under the GNU GPL v3

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