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Which Version of SimpleInvoices should I use?

If you are going to use SimpleInvoices in a purely MySQL environment that is fully trusted like in a localhost machine, LAN or VPN or are just intending to test the application and learn about it, then you can use the Single Domain Version.

If you are daring enough to taste the cutting edge and contribute to testing the application, and partake of a multiple database capable rich option set, you are welcome to tryout the Multi Domain Version and keep on wiping it out and re-installing it every few days (yes the dev team is quite active) and enjoy the features as they become available.

The Single Domain Version has been in use for over a couple of years and is reasonably stable and maure enough to be used in a production environment with the following caveats:

  • Use htaccess to protect all folders appropriately.
  • Use empty / dummy index.html file in every folder other than the application root
  • chmod and chown the folders correctly
  • currently the webserver process needs write access to ./cache and ./database_backups folders only.
  • Use third party user authentication for detailed access control (like phpGACL or cms like Joomla wrapper)
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