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Simple Invoices for Windows


Simple Invoices for Windows is a version of Simple Invoices specifically for Windows PC.

Quick setup

All you have to do to get Simple Invoices running on your Windows PC is:

  • Download Simple Invoices for Windows from here
  • Unzip the
  • Double click SimpleInvoices.exe and Simple Invoices will start up.

Nothing to install or config - It will 'just work' :)

Simple Invoices for Windows doesn't install any software on your PC or mess with any of your existing databases or local settings. It runs 100% out of the unzipped folder.

Full instructions

For the full instructions follow the below steps:

  1. Download Simple Invoices for Windows from here
  2. Unzip the
  3. Double click SimpleInvoice.exe
  4. You'll be presented with this window
  5. If you click the 'Start Simple Invoices (GUI)' button Simple Invoices will start up in a new window and prompt your to setup the database - just follow the onscreen steps and Simple Invoices will be up and running in a few seconds- refer image below
    1. Once the database setup has been done - refer image below
  6. If you clikc on the 'Start Simple Invoices (Default Browser)' button Simple Invoices will open up in your default web browser - refer image below
  7. To access the Simple Invoices menu again just double click on the Simple Invoices icons in the Windows system tray - refer image below
    1. You'll then be presented with the below menu
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